Nomadic Mentors is a passion project created by Silicon Valley founders who did this kind of traveling mentorship, but thought it should be a lot easier.

Nomadic Mentors exists to connect high quality startup and innovation mentors with the people and places who need them. 

Every single host we had ever worked with said "we desperately need more qualified mentors, but don't know how to get them!" 

Tyler Willis, Selcuk Atli, and John Ramey are San Francisco based entrepreneurs, investors, and mentors. We believe entrepreneurship and innovation shouldn't be limited to just a few people in just a few cities. For that reason, and to "pay forward" the help that so many other people gave us along the way, we've traveled the world helping accelerators, governments, universities, and other programs. In 2014-2015 alone, we've collectively visited over 28 countries, given lots of speeches, and directly coached over 1,500 entrepreneurs.

Many other founders and startup people have done the same, often during the "in between" time after they sell a company. But it was always one-off, and never to its full potential.

The problem is that it's too hard for both sides to find each other, connect, and work out the details. Because of this, many people who could and should be mentoring aren't able to do it - after all, they're usually busy with their own projects and can't do all the work from scratch to find the right people, negotiate, set up logistics, etc.

Nomadic Mentors was created in September, 2015 to fix that. 

We're keeping things pretty lean for now. If the community continues to support this and grow, we'll build this site out into a more robust matching platform.