John Ramey

Founder, CEO, Angel, Coach, Product, Director, Advisor

Boulder, USA

Founder of Nomadic Mentors. Angel. Founder CEO of isocket, created $5B market segment, acquired. Innovation Advisor at White House, co-founder of Defense Innovation Unit. Over $100M raised. Youngest founder to raise VC in 2009.

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Tyler Willis

Angel, Startup Management, Growth Hacking, Marketing, Business Development

Boulder / San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder of Nomadic Mentors. Founding team at Involver, acquired by Oracle. CMO at Vice President of Business and Corporate Development at Unified. Mentor at 500 Startups. Investor in Lyft, Classpass, Patreon, and many others.

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Selcuk Atli

Founder, Executive, Marketing, Growth, Product

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder of Nomadic Mentors. EIR at 500 Startups. Co-Founder of Boostable (YC Graduate). Co-Founder of Manifest. Selcuk is an alumnus of YCombinator, an Endeavor Entrepreneur, a Fulbright Scholar and recipient of an innovation award from the World Bank.

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Aaron Batalion 

Founder, VC, Angel, Advisor, Engineer, CTO

San Francisco, USA

Venture Capitalist at Lightspeed. Co-Founder CTO of LivingSocial. Raised $1B. Scaled company to over 4,000 employees. Active angel investor and startup advisor / director. Software architect at HP, Microsoft, and Accenture. 

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Poornima Vijayashanker

Founder, Angel, VC, Engineer, Coach, CEO

San Francisco, USA

Founder of Femgineer, an education company for female founders and tech workers. Founder CEO of BizeeBee. Founding engineer at Mint, which raised $32M and was acquired by Intuit. Worldwide speaker. Instructor at Duke University.

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Chrys Bader 

Founder, Product, CPO, Design, Angel

London, UK & San Francisco

Co-Founder and CPO of popular mobile app Secret, which grew to 15M active users in one year. Raised $36M in Venture Capital. Alumnus of Y Combinator. Google Product Manager for Google+ and YouTube. 

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Neil Patel

Founder, Angel, Marketing

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder of Crazy Egg, Hello Bar and KISSmetrics. Raised $11M. Grew revenue for Amazon, NBC, GM, HP and Viacom. The Wall Street Journal calls him a top influencer on the web. Named by Forbes as top 10 online marketer. US and UN entrepreneurship awards.

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Cyan Banister

Founder, CEO, Angel, Hiring , Author/Speaker

San Francisco, USA

Evangelist at AngelList. Co-Founder CEO of Zivity, a subscription artist platform, raised $8M. Seed investor in Uber, Thumbtack, Postmates. Leads a prominent AngelList syndicate, has over 20 angel investment exits. Contributing writer for TechCrunch.

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Rahim Fazal

Founder, CEO, Angel, Advisor

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder of Involver, raised $13M, acquired by Oracle where he became director of the Social Cloud division. Named by White House as one of the top US entrepreneurs under 30 years old. Inc Magazine 30 Under 30 award. Worldwide speaker and mentor.

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Ben Huh

Founder, Executive / Manager, Media, Consumer, Construction, Real Estate

San Francisco, USA

Now: At Y Combinator, building better cities everyone can afford. Then: Founder and CEO of Cheezburger, a network of meme sites including I Can Has Cheezburger?, FAIL Blog, Know Your Meme, etc. 4th most shared brand on Facebook. Co-Founder Circa, a news startup. Raised $36M in VC. 

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Matt Brezina

Founder, CEO, Angel, Advisor

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder of Xobni, raised $30M, acquired by Yahoo. Xobni fixed email inboxes, was downloaded over 7 million times. Co-Founder CEO of Sincerely, raised $5M, acquired by Provide Commerce. Angel investor in Dropbox, Exec, more. 

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David Kadavy

Author, Entrepreneur, Design, Marketing, Advisor

Medellin, Colombia.

Author of the Amazon #18 best selling book "Design For Hackers." Has a community of 50,000 technologists where he organizes worldwide meetups and teaches design. Designer for startups like oDesk and PBWorks.

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Rand Fishkin

Founder, CEO, Marketing, Culture, Coach

Seattle, USA

Founder CEO of Moz (fka SEOmoz), one of the fastest growing marketing software companies. Raised $19M. Co-Founder of, a popular site for growth hackers and inbound marketing. Popular blogger on startup and company culture topic.

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Alistair Croll

Founder, Lean Startup, Marketing, Author

Montreal, Canada

Co-founder of Networkshop, Coradiant (raised $20M, acquired by BMC), CloudOps, etc. Chair of,, Interop, Cloud Connect. Writer for GigaOm, O'Reilly Radar. Author of Lean AnalyticsComplete Web Monitoring, and the forthcoming Different: Better. Teaches Data Science and Critical Thinking at Harvard Business School. Founder of conference.

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Aurore Belfrage

Entrepreneur, Advisor, Angel, Executive / Manager, Founder

Stockholm, London

Co-Founder Head of Sales of Wrapp, which raised $30M from US VC's. Head of Early-Stage and Angel investors matchmaking platform Together at EQT Ventures. Managing Partner at Busy Bee Ventures, a Middle East advisory service. Mentor at SUP46 in Sweden.

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Micah Baldwin

Founder, CEO, Angel, Marketing, Cloud, BD

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder & President of Graphicly, raised $7.5M in VC, acquired by Blurb. Mentor at 500 Startups, TechStars, and Highway1. Frequent mentor, advised over $350M in VC and $200M in exits. Currently a startup community coordinator for Amazon AWS. 

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Sten Tamkivi

Founder, CEO, Angel, Ecosystems

San Francisco & Tallin, Estonia

Co-Founder CEO of Teleport, a service for startup people to live outside Silicon Valley. EIR at Andreessen Horowitz. Early product engineering executive at Skype in Estonia. Started first digital media agency in Estonia at age 18. Masters from Stanford GSB.

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Sunil Rajaraman

Founder, CEO, VC, Angel, Marketplaces

San Francisco, USA

Entrepreneur in Residence at Foundation Capital. Co-Founder CEO of The Bold Italic. Co-Founder CEO of, raised $15M. Advisory Board of, ShareDesk, Yardbook. Occasional writer at Fortune.

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Elaine Wherry

Founder, Angel, Product, Ecosystems

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder and CXO of Meebo, an early social toolbar with 100M users. Raised $38M in VC and was acquired by Google, where Meebo joined into Google+. Advisor to Women Who Code. Angel in HipChat, Cambrian Genomics, and Upside. HCI degree from Stanford. 

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T.A. McCann

Founder, CEO, Advisor, Angel, Ecosystems, Health

Seattle, USA

Co-Founder of RivalIQ, a marketing analytics SaaS co, raised $2M. Co-Founder CEO of Gist, raised $11M, acquired by BlackBerry, became VP of BlackBerry Messenger. Board of Directors of Startup Weekend. EIR at Vulcan Capital and Polaris Venture Partners.

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Matt Shobe

Founder, Product, Design, UX, Angel

Seattle, USA

Co-Founder of Spare5, an on-demand work app, raised $13M. Co-Founder and Chief Design Officer of Feedburner, raised $8M, acquired by Google. UX at Google on ad products, enterprise apps, and chat. 

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Matt Galligan 

Founder, CEO, Advisor, Product, UX

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder CEO of Circa, a popular mobile news app, raised $6M. Product design consultant. Co-Founder CEO of Socialthing, acquired by AOL. Co-Founder CEO SimpleGeo, raised $10M, acquired by Urban Airship.

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Lowell Ricklefs

Founder, CEO, Mentor, MedTech, Acquisitions

Seattle, USA

Founder CEO of FlexMinder - Healthcare IT SaaS - raised $3M - acquired by Jellyvision. Mentor for TechStars and StartupWeekend accelerator. COO Toluna in France, acquired for $260M. CRO of GMI, acquired for $100M. Founder & Managing Partner TractionAdvising - focused on helping founder/CEO companies valued between $5M-$30M get acquired.

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Paul Bragiel

VC, Founder, CEO, Angel, Advisor

Singapore, Oslo, San Francisco

Co-Founder of worldwide VC fund I/O Ventures, based in San Francisco, with branches in Asia (Golden Gate Ventures) and Africa (Savannah Fund). Frequent global mentor. Co-Founder CEO of three startups, including the first location based social network, Meetro.

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Eren Bali

Founder, CEO, Education, Marketplaces

San Francisco, USA via Turkey

Co-Founder CEO of Udemy, the worlds largest platform for online courses, raised $113M in VC. Co-Founder CEO of Carbon, a health tech startup. Forbes 30 Under 30.

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Aaron Emigh

Engineer, Executive/Manager, Founder, Product, CEO

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder of Brilliant, a whole new way to control smart homes.  Co-Founder CTO of Shopkick, a pioneering app that rewarded shoppings in retail stores, raised $27M, acquired by SK Planet for $250M. EVP of Tech at Six Apart, at the time the biggest social media company in existence. Expert in tech IP issues. 89 patents.

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Ben Casnocha

Author, Speaker, Founder, VC, Recruiting, HR

San Francisco, USA

Co-Author of two NY Times bestsellers, The Alliance: Managing Talent In The Networked Age, and The Startup Of You. Chief of Staff for LinkedIn Founder CEO and Venture Capitalist Reid Hoffman. Founder of Comcate, software for local governments. Global speaker.

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Andrew Chen

Product, Angel, Executive, Advisor, Mobile, Metrics, Growth

San Francisco, USA

Head of Rider Growth at Uber. Advisor/investor for AngelList, Barkbox, Dropbox, Grovo, Kiva, Product Hunt, Tinder, Wanelo, and Gusto. Previously EIR at Mohr Davidow Ventures, and Director of Product Marketing at Audience Science. B.S. in Applied Mathematics from the University of Washington.

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Brianne Kimmel

Growth, Marketing, Product, Women in Tech, Advisor, Executive

San Francisco, USA

Growth at Zendesk, previously at Expedia and Orbitz. Startup advisor, teacher at GA and YC Alumna. Expert in growth, customer experience and international expansion. 

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Niket Desai

Founder, CEO, Product, Growth, Fundraising, Acquisitions, Startup Ecosystem Development

Los Angeles and San Francisco

Founder of Punchd (acquired by Google). Product at Flipkart, Google Commerce and Motorola. Invited by the King of Jordan to develop Startup ecosystem in MENA.

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Hooman Radfar.png

Hooman Radfar

Founder, Investor, Fundraising, Strategy, Growth, Marketing

San Francisco, USA

Founder of AddThis, which raised $73M and was acquired by Oracle. Partner at Expa. Founder and Director at 10e9. Investor in Uber, Hyperloop, and several other startups.

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Andraz Tori.png

Andraz Tori

Founder, Engineer, Advisor, Seed Investor

Ljubljana, Slovenia

CTO and Co-Founder of Zemanta, one of the first companies in Slovenia to raise from top US VCs. Founder of seed investment group Silicon Gardens. Co-Founder of hacklab/NGO Kiberpipa. Won Seedcamp. Former TV host.

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Dominic Coryell.png

Dominic Coryell

Growth Marketing, Growth Hacking, Product, Content, Referrals, Virality,  Email, Early Traction

San Francisco, USA

Founder @GIMMEGROWTH Former Partner @500 Startups. Co-Founder President of Talkable (YC/500) / Co-Founder CEO of GarmentValet.

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Scott Rafer.png

Scott Rafer

Founder, CEO, Angel, Advisor, Marketing, Logistics, Ecommerce, Shipping

San Francisco, USA

Currently assisting enterprises compete in an Amazon and Ali Baba world. Co-Founder Director of Mashery, acquired by Intel. SVP Corp Dev at Nanigans. Co-Founder CEO of Lookery. CEO of MyBlogLog, acquired by Yahoo. Specialist in ecommerce marketing funnels. Frequent coach to founders. Involved in European and East Asian startup scenes.

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Rob Bailey.png

Shruti Shah

Startup Director, Advisor, COO 

San Francisco, USA 

EIR at Silicon Valley Bank. Co-Founder and COO Move Loot, online full service marketplace for buying and selling used furniture. Raised $22M in Venture Capital. Alumna of Y Combinator. Former public school teacher.  Graduate of UNC-Chapel Hill with a B.A. in Political Science and Johns Hopkins University with an M.S.Ed in Urban Education. 

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Rob Bailey.png

Rob Bailey

CEO, Founder, Venture Partner, Data, SaaS

San Francisco, USA

CEO of DataSift. Raised $64M of VC. Founder of BuildR, which helps founders scale SaaS companies. Venture Partner at Akkadian. Sourced more than $50M worth of SaaS & BI investments. BD at SimpleGeo.

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Xander Pollock.png

Xander Pollock

Designer, Founder, Advisor, Angel

San Francisco, USA

Designer Co-Founder of Punch'd, a mobile app for small businesses (acq Google 2011). Designed key features of Inbox by Gmail. LP in 500 Startups, Designer Fund.

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Moaffak Ahmed.png

Moaffak Ahmed

VC, Founder, Advisor, Angel

Helsinki, Finland

Serial entrepreneur and hands-on early stage investor. Founding Partner Superhero Capital, Co-Founder Sisu Game Ventures, Co-Founder Trema. Investor in 40+ startups ranging from fintech and e-commerce to gaming and VR. 

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Milan Koch.png

Milan Koch

Managing Director, Advisor, Investor

Los Angeles, USA

Managing Director, AngelHack Accelerator ($42M portfolio / 3 Exits to Google & Box) / Designing Accelerator Programs and Innovation Initiatives for F500 Clients such as NFL, MasterCard, HP, UBS and CapitalOne / Investment Associate at Base Ventures.

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Alexander Lloyd.png

Alexander Lloyd

Startup Advisor, Angel Investor, Professional Investor / VC

San Francisco, USA

Founder and Managing Partner of Accelerator Ventures, (seed-stage investments). Prev Venture Partner at Rustic Canyon Partners, and Business Development Manager in Microsoft's Silicon Valley office responsible for Microsoft's relationships with the West Coast venture capital and startup community. BA in International Relations from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA in Entrepreneurial Management from The Wharton School.

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David Litwak.png

Anarghya Vardhana

VC, Founder, Advisor, Product Manager

San Francisco, USA

Ex Google Product Manager, now Senior Associate at Maveron LLC. Consumer-only investor. Board member of Booster (on-demand fueling company). 

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David Litwak.png

David Litwak

Founder, CEO, Remote Teams, Partnerships

San Francisco, USA

Founder of Mozio, a travel search startup. Investor in Loungebuddy, Regalii, SherpaShare and more.

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Aaron Blumenthal.png

Chris Scoggins

Executive, Investor, Fundraising, Team building, Product strategy, Sales incentive plans, Scaling the team

San Francisco, USA

SVP and GM of Digital Services (founding team) at Datalogix , acquired by Oracle for over $1.2 Billion. VP at Oracle, managing revenue and partnerships for the new Oracle Data Cloud. Venture Partner at Sequel Venture Partners. Kauffman Fellow.

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Aaron Blumenthal.png

Aaron Blumenthal

Product, Founder, Executive, Marketing, Analytics

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder Roost, EIR at 500Startups, Digital Marketing Expert, Analytics Evangelist, Founding Member at SigmaPhiBeta National Fraternity.

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Dan Preston.png

Michael Seibel

CEO, Founder, YC, Fundraising, Video

San Francisco, USA

CEO of YC Core. CEO and Co-founder of Justin.TV (became Twitch, which Amazon acquired for $970M). CEO and Co-Founder of SocialCam (acquired by Autodesk for $60M).

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Aaron White.png

Aaron White

Founder, CTO, VC, Education, Raising Money

Boston, USA

Co-founder of Price Intelligently. VC at Venrock. Co-founder of Boundless (>10M raised, acquired by Valore). 

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Dan Levine.png

Dan Levine

Product Development, Team Building, Early Stage Fundraising

San Francisco, USA

Technical co-founder & CTO of StyleSeat, the largest marketplace for beauty services having booked > $3B in services across the platform, raised $45M through Series B. Product development, team building, and early stage fundraising.

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Greg Putnam.png

Greg Putnam

Founder, CEO, Startup Advisor, Marketing / Growth

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder and CEO of Avametric and Aktana. Co-Founder of Kaydon Group. Adviser to Dubsmash, Ubiome, Truelink Financial, Theorem LP, Terriavion, Oolu Solar and 42 Technologies. YC grad.

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Devrim Yasar.png

Devrim Yasar

Founder, CEO, CTO, Engineer

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder CEO of Koding, an IDE in the cloud used by 1.5M developers, raised $20M of VC. CTO of LocalResponse, a consumer marketing product with $8M in VC. CTO of PayMS, Betterfly, and The Ultra.

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Eric Bahn

Founder, Product Manager, Angel, VC

San Francisco Bay Area, USA

Entrepreneur in Residence at 500 Startups. Ex Facebook Product Manager. Founder of EdTech Startup (sold to The Daily Mail 2012).

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Jessica Alter.png

Jessica Alter

Founder, Advisor, Product Manager, Community, Entrepreneurial communities, Business Development, Growth

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder / CEO of FounderDating (acq by OneVest). Business Development / GM of Platforms at Bebo (acq AOL). Business Development at Hands-On Mobile. Mentor at 500 Startups and advisor. Board Member at A.Alfred Taubman Institute at the University of Michigan. BA in Business Administration from University of Michigan and MBA from Harvard Business School.

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Juney Ham.png

Juney Ham

Startup Director, Advisor, Executive, Angel Investor, Entrepreneur

San Francisco, USA

Founder in Residence at Atomic, a venture studio. Previously Chief Marketplace Officer and CMO at Hired, co-founder at Upside (acquired). Held executive roles at Airbnb and Expedia. Marketing, analytics, product, engineering and operations experience with deep expertise in marketplaces.

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Adam Marchick.png

Adam Marchick

Advisor, Director, Executive, Angel

San Francisco, USA

CEO, VoiceLabs. Co-Founder / Chairman of the Board, Kahuna. Took
company from napkin idea to a thriving company with $60M in funding, led by Sequoia Capital. Engineering and Product at Facebook and Oracle, and VC at Menlo Ventures and Bain Capital Ventures.

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Alex Barrera.png

Alex Barrera

Founder, Editor, Storytelling, PR

Madrid, Spain

Founder and CEO of Press42. Editor and Co-founder of Expert on communications and PR for startups. Speaks English, Spanish, German and French.

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Zach Coelius.png

Zach Coelius

Founder, CEO, Angel, Advisor, Marketing, Product Management

San Francisco, USA

Four time founder. Founder CEO of Triggit, and ad tech startup (acq 2015 by LinkedIn). Raised $18M from Spark Capital and Foundry Group. Led first Angel List syndicate in Cruise Automation (acq 2016 for $1B by GM). Investor in Branch Metrics, Lyte, Clubhouse Software, SkySafe, RevCascade, Entrupy, Zeotap, OneSignal, Loom.Ai, ProsperWorks, HudsonMX, Bounce Exchange, and Banter. Advisor to Branch Metrics, Balanced, HelloSign, Lyte, Art19, Clubhouse Software, Vertical Mass, Survata, ZeroCater, Trimian, Sourcing Club, and CalvaryHQ.

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Rustin Banks

Product Manager, Engineer, Executive

Boulder, USA

Mentor at Techstars. Previously Founder / CEO of Tapinfluence - grown to ~ 50 people, raised $25M.  Former Engineer in Aerospace Satellite industry. Named by Forbes as one of the top Ten Leaders Changing Content Marketing.

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Vinny Lingham.png

Vinny Lingham

Founder, CEO, Angel, Advisor

Mountain View, USA

4xFounder. Currently : Co-founder & CEO of, previously - sold to First Data Corporation in 2014. Shark on Shark Tank South Africa and Dragon on Dragon's Den South Africa. Originally from South Africa and now living in the Bay Area.

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Joe Stump.png

Joe Stump

Founder, Engineer, Product, Angel

Portland, USA

Founder SimpleGeo (acq by Urban Airship), (acq by Yesware), and (bought back from investors). Early advisor to Uber and ngmoco:). Lead Architect at Digg.

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Izanami Martinez.png

Izanami Martinez

Founder, Product, Executive Director, Advisor, Professional Author

Madrid, Spain

Launched Glossybox in Spain for Rocket Internet (2011). Co-founder Nonabox; raised 2.5M€, grew across 6 countries with an international team of 36 people. Currently CEO of Doctor24, an eHealth platform that allows patients get diagnosed via video.

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Craig Montuori.png

Craig Montuori

Founder, Immigration, Brain Drain

Boulder, USA

Craig cofounded and runs Global EIR, a visa program for international entrepreneurs via a service component through our university partners. Previously a leader of the US Startup Visa movement and engaged the White House and other policy makers on the economic development benefits of promoting and incentivizing entrepreneurial immigration.

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Sean Percival.png

Sean Percival

Oslo, Norway

Former partner at 500 Startups. Investor in over 100+ early stage startups. Previously Co-Founder of Wittlebee, and VP of Online Marketing at Myspace. His focus is on the Nordic region, growth marketing and accelerator programs.

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Jonathan Crwaford.png

Jonathan Crawford

Founder, CEO, Product & Engineering, UX, Branding, Fundraising, Marketplaces, Team Growth

San Francisco / Kansas City

Founder of in 2009 (sold 2016), raised $7m from top Silicon Valley investors (after being admitted to and kicked out of YC). Built a team of 30 and a community of over 100,000 merchants. Mentor to startups around the world on product, branding, UX, strategy and technology.

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Eddie Smith.png

Eddie Smith

Founder, Marketing/Advertising, Partnerships

San Francisco, USA

Founder of ClickShift (sold to WebTrends), Executive at DoubleClick (acquired by Google for $3.1B), Topsy (acquired by Apple), and Twitter (TWTR).

Twitter  LinkedIn

Christopher Schroeder.png

Christopher Schroeder

Founder, Investor, Media CEO, Fundraising, Startups

Washington D.C., USA

Author of Startup Rising – The Entrepreneurial Revolution Remaking the Middle East. CEO of Sequoia and IAC backed, which was acquired by Remedy Health Media. CEO of WashingtonPost.Newsweek Interactive. Investor in Vox and other startups.

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Derek Kleinow.png

Derek Kleinow

Founder, E-commerce, Bootstrapping

New York City, USA

Bootstrapped a $20M company. Founder of TigerGPS (sold), BarZar, Hampton Hopper, Palate, and Real Food Works. Startup Business Development for Amazon.

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Amitt Mahajan.png

Amitt Mahajan

Founder, VC, CEO, Product Management, Engineering

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder/Managing Partner of Presence Capital, a VR/AR-focused VC firm. Co-Creator/Lead Engineer of FarmVille, Co-Founder/CEO Toro (acq by Google), Co-Founder/CTO MyMiniLife (acq by Zynga).

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Jared Friedman.png

Jared Friedman

CTO, Founder, YC, Fundraising, Hiring, Scaling Web Apps, Growth, Publishing

San Francisco, USA

Partner at Y-Combinator. Co-Founder and CTO of Scribd (a top 100 web property). Studied Computer Science at Harvard.

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Nick Tommarello.png

Nick Tommarello

Founder, Fundraising, Investing, YC, Work Retreats

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder and CEO of WeFunder, which lets anyone invest in startups. Alumnus of both YC and Techstars. Founder of StartupWorkaway. Co-Founder of Urban Interactive.

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Elizabeth Yin.png

Elizabeth Yin

Angel, VC, Seed Fundraising

San Francisco Bay Area

Partner at 500 Startups, run Mtn View accelerator. Prev Founder / CEO of LaunchBit (acq by BuySellAds '14) and Product Marketing Manager at Google.

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Arjun Aurora.png

Arjun Dev Arora

Founder, CEO, Fundraising, Marketing

San Francisco, USA

Partner at 500 Startups, Co-Founder of Immediately. Founder of ReTargeter, named in Inc's 100 Fastest Growing Companies list in 2013 ($10Ms of revenue). Head of Biz Dev for Yahoo! Real Estate. CS background. 50+ Angel/Advisory deals personally.

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Nathaniel Koloc.png

Nathaniel Koloc

Startup Advisor, Director, Executive, HR / Talent / People Operations

New York City, USA

Currently EIR at The Future Project, previously Director of Talent Acquisition & Development at Hillary for America (hired 4,300 people in 18 months). Co Founder & CEO of ReWork (mission-driven recruiting firm), contributor to Harvard Business Review & other outlets. All things people strategy & operations, recruiting, team performance, culture.

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Mike Miller.png

Mike Miller

Founder, VC, Angel, Scientist, Cloud

Seattle, USA

General Partner at Liquid2 Ventures. Particle Physicist at MIT and CERN. Yale PhD in Physics. Co-Founder and Chief Scientist at Cloudant, a NoSQL database-as-a-service provider, raised $18M, YCS08, acquired by IBM 2014.

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David Alston.png

David Alston

Marketing, Movement Making, Storytelling, Social Innovation, Mentorship, Strategy

New Brunswick, Canada

Former CMO of Radian6, acquired by Salesforce for $326M. Chief Entrepreneur in Residence for his home province. Advises 100+ startups each year. Lives in Eastern Canada.

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Sarah Doody.png

Sarah Doody 

UX Designer, Product Development, Brand Identity, Digital Storytelling 

New York City, USA

UX Designer & Product strategist for WeWork and Blue Apron. Founder of The UX Notebook. Developed the curriculum for and taught by General Assembly's User Experience Design Immersive, Femgineers' Lean Product Development course, and her own User Research Fundamentals course. Contributor to the NYT, UX Magazine, and InVision blog. 

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Susan Gregg Koger.png

Susan Gregg Koger

Founder, Creative Leadership, Brands, Advisor, Angel

Los Angeles, USA

Co-founder and Creative Officer at, a lifestyle retailer for young women. Responsible for the Brand, in-house fashion design, and the curation of the assortment of tens of thousands of apparel, accessories, and decor products.

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Eric Koger.png

Eric Koger

Founder, CEO, Startup Management, Ecommerce, Advisor, Angel, Coach

Los Angeles, USA

Co-founder and CEO of Built the business to $200M in sales and 500 employees, as well as saw the business through two layoffs to get to profitability. Over $60M raised.

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Marcus Segal.png

Marcus Segal

Advisor, Angel, Executive

San Francisco, USA

Currently a part-time Partner at Y Combinator. Previously, SVP Operations and COO at Zynga. 15+ years experience building and exiting companies in Silicon Valley.

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Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski.png

Gabriel Luna-Ostaseski

Angel, Founder, Advisor

San Francisco, USA

Co-Founder Growth architect and sales geek focusing on building repeatable revenue engines. Advised Uber, Thumbtack, Massdrop, Metromile, Lendinghome and 20+ other Silicon Valley Companies.

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Jason Beckermann.png

Jason Beckerman

Founder, CEO, Advisor, Fundraising, Product, Scaling, Culture and Team growth

New York City, USA

Founder and CEO of Unified ($40M+ raised). Founder of Social Suitcase (acquired by Traffic Marketplace).

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Jameson Hsu.png

Jameson Hsu

Product Manager, Startup Advisor, Director, Executive, Angel Investor

San Francisco, USA

Founder of WDDG, Mochi Media, Pieceable and Nom - with three of them having exits. Former Executive at Tencent on the WeChat team. Jameson is currently on the board of Knowtions and actively explores investment opportunities.

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Sachin Rekhi.png

Sachin Rekhi

Product Manager, Engineer, Designer, Startup Advisor or Director, Executive, Professional Author / Speaker

Menlo Park, CA, USA

Founder CEO of Notejoy, a social document editor. Serial entrepreneur: founder of Connected acquired by LinkedIn, founder of Anywhere.FM (YC 2007) acquired by imeem. Product exec for LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

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Ada Chen Rekhi

Product Manager, Startup Director, Advisor, Executive

Menlo Park, CA, USA

Founder COO of Notejoy, a social document editor for teams. Previously SVP Marketing at SurveyMonkey. Growth & Subscriptions marketing at LinkedIn; Founder of Connected (acq by LinkedIn). 

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Dan Preston

Founder, CEO, CTO, Insurance, Fintech, Machine Learning, Regulated Industries

San Francisco, USA

CEO of MetroMile, Founder/CTO of AisleBuyer (Acquired by Intuit).

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Ariel Diaz

CEO, Founder, Fundraising, Online Education

New York City, USA

CEO and Co-founder of Boundless (raised over $11M, acquired by Valore). CEO and Co-founder of YouCastr. Studied Engineering at Dartmouth. Professional fluency in English, German, and Spanish.

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Adora Cheung

Engineer, Advisor, Founder, Executive

San Francisco, USA

Partner at Y Combinator. Previously Co-Founder / CEO of Homejoy and Product Manager at Slide.

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Dorion Carroll

Product, Growth, Advisor, Director

Oakland, USA

CIO, CTO, VP Eng, VP Ops, GM, Dir Product. Growth, scale and operating efficiency - Zynga, Technorati, Postini, EA, Oracle and startups.

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Gagan Biyani

Founder, Executive, Advisor, Product, Food Tech, Fundraising, Growth, Recruiting

San Francisco, USA

CEO Sprig, Co-Founder Udemy, Co-Founder Growth Hackers Conference, ran Demand Marketing at Lyft, wrote Lyft's original "expansion playbook", raised $57M. FI alumnus, mentor @500Startups and SG.

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